Red Deer River Naturalists

The Red Deer river Naturalists are a group dedicated to learning about and preserving natural history. They have regular programs with speakers and many field trips.


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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Another Chukar Sighting

        Tonight about 7:00 PM I saw another chukar across from the Bower subdivision in Red Deer. I have seen chukars in this area for three summers. Usually I make only one or two sightings a summer. This is the second sighting this summer.

        A few weeks ago I stopped on the Bower trail and got talking to some people. The lady told me how that she had a chukar nest in her yard in the summer of 2009. Ten eggs hatched. The little guys seemed to disappear quickly so she thought than none of them fledged. She sees a chukar in her yard regularly and it feeds from her ground feeders in the winter. Other people have had chukars feed at their feeders in the winter. I suspect that there is more than one bird.

        Since I've written about chukars before I am interested in feed back. Tell me if you have seen chukars in your area.