Red Deer River Naturalists

The Red Deer river Naturalists are a group dedicated to learning about and preserving natural history. They have regular programs with speakers and many field trips.


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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Bird Count Day

    Today was  the Christmas bird count in the Red Deer, Alberta area. It was a great day for counting but most people were disappointed with the number of species and birds that they saw.

     I covered Bower Woods and Kin Kanyon in Red Deer. I found nine species and 58 birds which is about what I usually find. Birds that are in this area that i didn't find were  house sparrows, creeper, hairy woodpecker, white breasted nuthatch, red cross bill 

    My highlight of the day is when a pileated woodpecker found me and surprised me. He hung around me until I got bored and left.

    How was your bird count?

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