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The Red Deer river Naturalists are a group dedicated to learning about and preserving natural history. They have regular programs with speakers and many field trips.


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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Eerie Coyote Howl Nearby

    A few evenings ago I was standing on a small foot bridge which crosses Piper Creek. I was visiting a couple of friends and watching the water to see if any Red Backed Suckers or Rocky Mountain Whitefish were swimming up the creek to spawn.
The foot bridge I was standing on.

     All of a sudden I heard extremely  loud howling. At first I didn't recognize it as a coyote howl. I thought it was a siren. Then yes, I knew it was a coyote howl. 
Photo by Bill Heinsen

     Since it was so very loud it must have been close. I would guess they were within 200 m. The area is heavily wooded so it was impossible to see the coyotes. There were two or more howling and the howling went on for at least a minute.
Bower  Woods looking over a large beaver dam.

    This area is completely surrounded by housing. It is about 300 m from the bower Mall. I would suspicion these coyotes frequent the mall at night and do very well as far as food is concerned.

    Usually we hear coyotes from a distance so this occurrence was very different.


  1. We keep pushing homes further afield and the poor coyotes have nowhere to go but to become citified. In Edmonton there are coyote in the city ravines and usually this time of year someone gets ruffled and wants them disposed. We heard coyote howl just off the trail we were walking the other night and I thought it was so cool. Last night we saw a female moose and young tramping across a field in the city, now thats a sight to see.

  2. The coyote howl certainly got my attention! A jack rabbit was snoozing in my yard this morning.
    Thanks for visiting Natural Wise.